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Death in the Title

Group Exhibition

· upstairs22gallery

Death in the Title

Exhibition Runs 06/07/2019 - 02/08/2019

Hello Readers,

We look forward to welcoming you our the 'Death in the Title' group exhibition. Artists were invited to explore the above title through any medium.

Death is not the easiest topic to ponder, but it does hold insights in which we can consider our humaneness, impermanence and conscious perception of who we are and what we become.

See our 10 Artists below.

Exhibiting Artists: Justine Hutchison, Carley Harris, Anthony Scibelli, Connie Burns, Ian White, Michael Tricarico, Imogen Gallagher, Sherree Galllagher, Belinda Nailon and Michael Gray

Justine Hutchinson

Carley Harris

Anthony Scibelli

Connie Burns

Ian White

Michael Tricarico

Imogen Gallagher

Sherree Gallagher

Belinda Nailon

Michael Gray

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