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Do You See...

Photography exhibition: 09/08/2019 - 06/09/2019

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Do You See - Guest Curation

Be amazed, inspired and enriched by this local photography exhibition of the Castlemaine area. We may look, but we don’t always see... This exhibition captures the magic of the world we live in, it’s a local snapshot, with an extraordinary view!

Guest Curation and Exhibiting Artists: Craig Gaston, Ange Westcott and Frank Veldze

Craig Gaston - Main Gallery

Craig Gaston bought his first camera at the age of 14 and snapped his first memorable photo at 18, late one night inside a Philipino Discotheque. Craig has been passionate about photography ever since, primarily working in the TV industry to bring other people's visions to life. In early 2019, he decided it was time to do something for himself.

The result is 'Do You See', a sequence of images shot on Craig's daily evening walks around his home in Barkers Creek. Growing up in rural Victoria and with a long history of bushwalking and outdoors, he's always liked being out in the dirt. 'Do you See', documents the intricate beauties of the natural world everywhere around us, if only we take the time to look.

For more of Craig's images Click

Ange Westcott - Gallery Bar, Hall and Stairs

I find myself to be an accidental photographer, never really having set out to take photos, but rather needing to take them to preserve the beauty I SEE.

Everywhere I look I SEE incredible canvasses painted by nature - in the rocks, the mountains, the clouds, trees, everywhere. Even the unwanted input of negligent humans as they carelessly leave their rubbish behind can sometimes form the basis of new images to be captured as nature works to reclaim these.

As nature paints with her lichens, her mosses, her algae and her ochre, as she forms incredible rock structures from deep within, I find myself, sometimes quite desperately, scrambling on the ground or climbing up ‘reasonable’ heights to record for myself and for others, the stunning beauty she is creating.

As I share my way of SEEing the world, my hope is others will come to SEE the fragile beauty of nature as I do.

You contact Ange Directly using the below button.

Frank Veldze - Main Gallery

Frank has two interactive pieces as part of the 'Do You See' Exhibition.

Title: Prayer Wheel - made from glass, metal, photo transparencies, wind up radio parts, LED lights, acrylic sheets and another piece titled: Intermission - an immersive projection.

(Below info pulled from Frank's website)

Frank Veldze and Suzanne Donisthorpe have been collaborating together in artistic practice since 2010.

They specialize in large scale, immersive sculptures and installations that encourage audience engagement. They are interested in notions of home and place. Frank has a studio at the Fundere Fine Art Foundry in West Footscray and Suzanne is also a published author. Her novel getting Up was published by Pan MacMillan in 2013 under the nom de plume SD Thorpe. She worked as a radio producer/reporter with ABC Radio National’s various books and arts programs for 22 years.

Suzanne and Frank are currently presenters of ArtSwank a weekly arts program, broadcast on MainFM in Castlemaine.

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