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My Heart is Water


Opening Night: 26th of April 6-9pm

Exhibition Date: 26/04/2019 - 27/05/2019

Main Gallery: Denise Martin. Gallery Hall: Yvette Thomas. Gallery Bar: Belinda Nailon

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Main Gallery: Denise Martin

Title: Teen Portraits 

Denise Martin is a photographer and filmmaker living in the beautiful bush of central Victoria, Australia.

Denise’s projects are often inspired by personal cycles or transitions in life. This latest series of portraits marks the end of secondary school education for her son. Playing with the idea of the Victorian Era portrait which was usually commissioned to commemorate special occasions and rites of passage, Denise invited final year secondary students to sit for a portrait that would reflect who they were as children & who they are now on the cusp of stepping out onto their path into adult life.

Gallery Hall: Yvette Thomas

Title: Colourful Emotions

Yvette describes herself as a woman who is learning to live again after suffering personal trauma. She lost both parents to long illnesses, making her, “emotionally broken...”. Three years ago Yvette picked up her brushes, palette knife and started to paint. It has been her healing therapy. As she paints she is able to let go.
“My paintings seem to evolve as I sit in front of the canvas. I like to feel it more than think about it. Trees are my biggest influence. I find every tree unique in its own right; bare, broken, or clothed in leaves, they’re still living; like us humans... I love colour and loads of texture; it’s my happy place...”. Yvette Thomas

Gallery Bar: Belinda Nailon

Exhibition Title: Making Time

My current works explore form, surface and balance. I seek satisfying resolutions between body and glaze, but equally eager to create an inquisitive tension and an urge to explore further.

I am interested in experiencing a sense of freedom in my approach to making, an unfettered creative process where thoughts slow down. Using the Raku firing technique is a way to allow for this experience.

Here in the reduction chamber, form is embellished and a personality is forged. Every firing is a glimpse of something extraordinary and offers a way for the mind to transform.

Belinda Nailon currently resides in Castlemaine, Victoria. After living in London for 14 years and working in a variety mediums Belinda has found her way back to clay, home and her passion for change..

Belinda has exhibited Nationally and Internationally. Her work is owned in private collections worldwide.

In this body of work Belinda explores time and plays with the concept of “making it”.

“Time is a border

A boundary for the soul

Time is a vessel

And the content will dissolve”

Belinda Nailon

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